Community Preparedness Campaign Planning

The campaign pilot included (14) emergency preparedness events with a variety of partnerships covering preparedness events such as community festivals, parades, baseball games, church and neighborhood celebrations.

To maximize effectiveness for planners, campaign events were designed to have templated components in order for streamlined coordination. However, they can be adjusted based upon the audience, location and need. The event elements are provided in the campaign resource documents to assist in choosing the best plan to help support your own community engagements.


The outreach planning strategy and tactics used in the campaign were designed to build ongoing relationships with partners and communities. The planning has a strong emphasis on collaborations, sparking ongoing dialogue and exploring opportunities to achieve short and long-term preparedness goals. Included in the toolkit are support materials used to help make the planning process as seamless as possible for a successful execution.

Support Resource Materials

The following resource documents are provided to assist furthering outreach planning efforts:

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