Messaging and Brand Design

The objective of the campaign communications was to establish a CSA global "all hazards" call-to-action messaging that tie into and reinforces the existing, Ready Indiana, and Ready Wisconsin communications. This messaging was enhanced by the demographic trends discovered and preparedness best practices findings in order to determine the best way to communicate the message to various audiences. The campaign message not only promotes awareness but is an engaging "call-to-action" for communities. The Campaign Communications Brief further details the messaging strategy and approach.

Brand Design

Like the messaging, the campaign brand was developed to grab the attention of various audiences in order for the emergency preparedness message to have impact. The campaign look and feel is consistent through all communications. The brand created is synonymous with the "hazards" iconic symbols which is highly recognizable and stands the test of time. Details of the campaign brand approach are described in the Brand Guide which gives an overview of all of the campaign graphic components.


The messaging and look work collaboratively to provide a highly identifiable emergency preparedness brand that resonates with communities. The campaign message and brand is structured to be an "all-hazards" umbrella for jurisdictions and municipalities and easily customizable for local needs. The more the campaign brand and message look and feel is consistently used, the more likely it will be recognized, recalled and acted on by communities. The toolkit provides all of the packaged graphic materials (logos, fonts, images, etc.) and guidelines to easily use for your own outreach.

Support Resource Materials

The following support materials serve as a guide to furthering the message and creating branded collateral items in your local jurisdiction:

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