Media Relations

Media relations served as a great opportunity to broaden the campaign emergency preparedness community message and outreach activities. Media for the campaign targeted both larger and grassroots media outlets to reach multiple community segments. Print, radio, television and online media were targeted for campaign promotion.

Although the media angle can be locally crafted based on relevance and current events, the provided media materials can help frame the global message around outreach to communities.


The campaign used various angles to successfully attract media outlets. Through the various radio and television segments that covered GUGR, viewers were provided detailed information about the campaign and emergency preparedness outreach efforts. Effectively positioned angles promoted action that supported viewer sustainability by encouraging them to make a plan, build a kit, volunteer, attend emergency preparedness events and trainings, as well as visit various websites to find out additional ways to get involved in their community's efforts. Local media outlets expressed great interest in continuing to promote emergency preparedness awareness; included in the toolkit are support materials you can use to continue media relations efforts.

Support Resource Materials

The following resource documents are provided to assist in media efforts:

Social Media

Social Media serves as support to media relations in that it helps intensify the message's reach by getting in community members' personal social space without being extremely intrusive. Messaging for social media works quickly to inform citizens "on the go" about emergency preparedness outreach activities. Community members receive the same request over and over: "Follow Us on Twitter, Like Us on Facebook" so the messages are focused in its perspective. The social media guides provided can help frame general use of emergency preparedness messages and how to connect with partners.


Local counties and partners expressed great interest in continuing to promote emergency preparedness awareness through social media. The social media 101 guide provides straight forward information to implement social media outreach within organizations, as well as ways to work with partners to promote that outreach, and can also be easily adjusted to tie into your existing efforts. Coupled with engagement that allows your community to share in the fun, like posting event photos on Facebook, your website or Twitter, social media can be an effective, fun and easy outreach tool.

Support Resource Materials

The following resource document can assist in social networking efforts:

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