Community Preparedness Campaign Events

The Gear Up. Get Ready. It can happen! campaign included two to three-day multiple community preparedness outreach events. Although the specific on-the-ground efforts varied by county due to their events and partnerships; all onsite outreach followed a template formula. The toolkit resource documents provide a walk-through of the baseline event experience for the campaign. Please note: local counties can use the outlined process and customize the outreach based upon their priorities and needs.


Sustainability was very important in developing the GUGR onsite preparedness activities. The campaign excited both community members and partners around emergency preparedness. All of whom expressed great interest in continuing to make the emergency preparedness activities an annual event. The campaign activities are straight forward for volunteer staff to implement and can be easily adjusted to tie into your existing outreach in diverse settings and audiences. Adopting some or all of the simple tactics can help to support your ongoing efforts to drive community emergency preparedness participation.

Support Resource Materials

The following documents are provided to assist onsite preparedness event efforts:

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